Buried Alive

I want your body! Choose your cemetery below, fill out the small form, and submit it! Once received,
the Grave Keeper will bury you alive! Submit your e-mail address for a personal message from the Grave Keeper himself. I bet you’re scared, you should be! Choose your cemetery!

Haunted West Cemetery

haunted westAge: 242 years old

Era: The Wild West

Legend: When the spirits of the pioneer men and women rise. Shots ring out and laughter is abound as they rejoice in the days of their gloried past.

Ghosts: Jesse James, Doc Holiday, Ma Clampett, Annie Oakley, Sitting Bull.

Winter Scare Cemetery

winter scareAge: 1138 years old

Era: The Medieval Age

Legend: When the spirits of the Vikings rise, sing out and meet the rising tide. For their ships of old, both stout and strong, set sail with the Viking Song.

Ghosts: Eric the Red, Leif Erikson, Biarni Heriolfsson, William The Conqueror.

Sand Dreams Cemetery

sand dreamsAge: Unknown

Era: All

Legend: With each new moon the spirits of the chosen rise. You can hear the warriors upon the wind as they lead their forces across the ghostly dune.

Ghosts: Joan of Arc, Ghengis Khan, William Wallace, Oda Nobunaga.