Race Car


Large box, Red spray paint, Black spray paint, 1 paper plate, Black marker, 1 red plastic milk jug lid for horn, Red construction paper, White construction paper, Craft glue or duct tape.

Cut the top flaps off the box. Keep the flaps. Turn the box over so bottom is up. Place the box over the chair and measure where to cut around the wheels (or back wheels only). Cut the cardboard for the wheels. Going from the back top corner of the cardboard you may like to cut down the sides to the front of the box giving it an angle down look. Leave enough at the front end for the front of your race car. Cut and attach cardboard to go on top as the hood. Spray paint box red. Let dry. Spray paint the paper plate black. Let dry. Glue red plastic milk jug lid onto paper plate as the horn. Glue plate to box. Cut tail lights from red construction paper, glue on. Cut headlights from white construction paper, glue on. Draw a grill on front with black marker and favorite number on the sides. You might even want to soup it up with painted flames or racing stripes and/or stickers on the hood and sides. Dress as a race car driver and you're ready to roll! If you want a spoiler on the back, just use one of the flaps (painted red)!

- Close window when finished -
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