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Ghoul: Amy
     Website: n/a
     Date: 30 Oct 13 03:02pm
hi guys Im going to be a witch this year! with a colorful wig and long purple eyelashes too!
Ghoul: Zdrowie
     Website: n/a
     Date: 07 Oct 13 05:41am
Hi there, i am a ghost.
Ghoul: Gabby
     Website: n/a
     Date: 12 Oct 12 11:46pm
i'll be a vampire
Ghoul: Jessica
     Website: n/a
     Date: 06 Oct 12 09:23am
Imma be a zombie mad hatter! ;)
Ghoul: Rebecca
     Website: n/a
     Date: 28 Sep 12 01:22pm
I am going to be a witch this Halloween. It's going to be great!
Ghoul: Shyanne
     Website: n/a
     Date: 27 Sep 12 04:30pm
Hi guys i dont really know what this is but just want to sign it so um ya Shyanne Vanblair signed this! ITS GREAT TO BE ALIVE!.... ITS GREAT TO BE A CONK!
Ghoul: Jeanarah
     Website: n/a
     Date: 21 Sep 12 06:44pm
LOL this is awesome
Ghoul: Cacee
     Website: www
     Date: 27 Nov 11 08:57am
hello! this place is so cool. i like to go in the haunted house. its so fun here.
Ghoul: Jessica
     Website: n/a
     Date: 13 Nov 11 03:01pm
i was a witch for halloween 2011! had alot of fun on here and halloween! :)
Ghoul: Tizer
     Website: n/a
     Date: 01 Nov 11 12:32pm
hello lolz i love this
Ghoul: Annie
     Website: n/a
     Date: 31 Oct 11 03:48am
I'm a witch this year
Ghoul: Michaelene
     Website: n/a
     Date: 30 Oct 11 04:40pm
My husband and I are faerie hunters and our two year old is our nasty, stinking captive! mwawhahaha
Ghoul: Natasha
     Website: n/a
     Date: 30 Oct 11 12:36pm
im a dead bride for 2011
Ghoul: Maisie
     Website: n/a
     Date: 30 Oct 11 10:21am
im going to be a wicked witch :D xxxxx
Ghoul: Enfys
     Website: n/a
     Date: 30 Oct 11 04:16am
i am draculas bride this year
Ghoul: Cheyenne
     Website: n/a
     Date: 27 Oct 11 06:03pm
I love this game. I'm going to be an evil version of red riding hood her sister black riding hood
Ghoul: Sterling
     Website: n/a
     Date: 27 Oct 11 01:23pm
im going to be a sugar skull this year!...
Ghoul: Amanda
     Website: n/a
     Date: 22 Oct 11 08:05am
HEYY!! I'm gonna be either a zombie or Bellatrix Lestrange from Harry Potter (cus shes crazy) :D
Ghoul: Axo
     Website: n/a
     Date: 12 Oct 11 01:12pm
im being Sailor Moon for halloween! yay!
Ghoul: Kitty
     Website: n/a
     Date: 12 Oct 11 11:41am
I've been coming here for 5 years, and I even love going through the haunted house in the springtime! I've memorized where all the secret doors are in the ghoul school, but it's still fun every time! Don't change a thing, EVER! :D
Ghoul: Henrietta
     Website: n/a
     Date: 11 Oct 11 09:41am
i love halloween it's the best time of the year
Ghoul: Pumpkin
     Website: www
     Date: 08 Oct 11 02:45pm
i love halloween
Ghoul: Emma
     Website: n/a
     Date: 06 Oct 11 03:09pm
I love the scary stories on here!
Ghoul: Ashia
     Website: www
     Date: 27 Sep 11 11:35am
i love halloween
Ghoul: Destiny
     Website: n/a
     Date: 25 Aug 11 02:15pm
Last year I was a rockstar zombie
Ghoul: Topaz
     Website: n/a
     Date: 17 Jul 11 01:10pm
I was the Grim Reaper for Halloween.
Ghoul: Alisha
     Website: www
     Date: 19 May 11 05:23pm
I love this sight
Ghoul: Jimmy
     Website: n/a
     Date: 16 Jan 11 08:12am
I love halloween and your website too!
Ghoul: Amy
     Website: n/a
     Date: 15 Dec 10 12:18am
i was a witch
Ghoul: Meme
     Website: n/a
     Date: 21 Nov 10 11:58am
for halloween i was nicki minaj
Ghoul: Horror!!!
     Website: n/a
     Date: 08 Nov 10 06:16am
i luv... horror, scary stuffs and freacking others!. i'm just mad about these....
Ghoul: Cindy Brownlee
     Website: n/a
     Date: 01 Nov 10 01:24pm
hi cindy was here!!!!-_- i love everything scary...lol
Ghoul: Scary!
     Website: n/a
     Date: 29 Oct 10 11:21am
I'm being Wilma Flinstone! Worship the Almighty Wilma!!!!!!!!
Ghoul: Lucy
     Website: n/a
     Date: 29 Oct 10 10:39am
for halloween i am going to be a devils bride. my sister who is five is going to be a whitch. my brother who is two months old is going to be a pumpkin
Ghoul: Debbie Short
     Website: n/a
     Date: 28 Oct 10 01:14pm
love your site. happy Halloween
Ghoul: Stephanie Foster
     Website: n/a
     Date: 28 Oct 10 12:24pm
i am going to be the bride of chucky
Ghoul: Kaci Wray
     Website: n/a
     Date: 28 Oct 10 08:37am
Im gunna b an eskimo :)
Ghoul: Mikayla
     Website: n/a
     Date: 27 Oct 10 07:17pm
i am a kleenex box
Ghoul: Ghouliana (juliana)
     Website: n/a
     Date: 26 Oct 10 05:03pm
I'm going to be a witch
Ghoul: Kitten
     Website: n/a
     Date: 20 Oct 10 12:31pm
i am gona be a rabbit ghost this year. like a normal ghost, with the sheet and stuff, but with two extra holes in the top to stick my rabbit ears through. so, im a ghost, but i dont want your soul or anything, i just want your carrots! BOO!
Ghoul: The Halloween-master
     Website: www
     Date: 19 Oct 10 04:53pm
Very Nice Website. Thanks

Keep up the good work.
Ghoul: Rebecca
     Website: n/a
     Date: 16 Oct 10 09:44pm
I'm going 2 Fright Fest it's gonna b so cool and so fun! (Can't wait!)
Ghoul: Taylajennifer
     Website: n/a
     Date: 14 Oct 10 10:41pm
Halloween is literally my fave time of year!! I love it so much!!

I'm going as 'Alice', from American McGee's Alice pc game.

Halloween FTW!
Ghoul: Sheri Harris Castaneda
     Website: n/a
     Date: 13 Oct 10 12:34pm
This is my most favorite time of the year and I love this site.
Ghoul: Madalyn
     Website: n/a
     Date: 12 Oct 10 05:55pm
i LOVE HALLOWEEN!!!!!! it rocks!!!
Ghoul: Lashell Glenn
     Website: www
     Date: 11 Oct 10 05:16pm
booo did i scare U !!!!!
Ghoul: Aubri
     Website: n/a
     Date: 05 Oct 10 08:31am
Halloween is the best time of year! It rocks!!!
Ghoul: Dakota Marie Arndt
     Website: n/a
     Date: 25 Sep 10 01:02pm
Me and my friend are going to be Hilton Suicide and Sceney Sceneable from the youtube series "Scene Kid Love" My guy friend will be Hilton and imma be Sceney :) WOO HOO!!! :)
Ghoul: Josh
     Website: n/a
     Date: 09 Sep 10 04:49pm
Imma be a escapee mental patient!!! Woo!!! I'm so insane!
Ghoul: Haley
     Website: n/a
     Date: 08 Sep 10 05:14pm
lol im gonna be a werewolf and yes i wear a boys costume every year and its not that original but im running out of options here people
Ghoul: Alaina
     Website: n/a
     Date: 26 Aug 10 09:18pm
Halloween is finally in sight! I plan to be Lady Gaga
Ghoul: Jill
     Website: n/a
     Date: 03 Aug 10 06:53pm
I love Halloween! I'm going to be a witch! =D
Ghoul: Michelle
     Website: n/a
     Date: 03 Aug 10 06:02pm
have been partying on Halloween for the past 10 years -new ideas are always welcome!
Ghoul: Brittany
     Website: www
     Date: 25 Jul 10 03:57pm
oh! yeah! i beat the whole thing i am so proud of myself i beat the graveyard and i saved queen rihindia that was the easiest part and i beat the haunted house!!! this is the best website in the world! I love it!!! :) Oh and by the way i was a possesed zombie bride!!! lol!!! :)
Ghoul: Bill
     Website: n/a
     Date: 22 Jul 10 08:47am
omg this is awesome and i survived the mission in the graveyard in the haunted house thing yes i saved skeletons of all kind woop, this site is awesome :)
Ghoul: Jc
     Website: n/a
     Date: 26 Jun 10 01:42pm
I survived the haunted house!
This website is great :)
Ghoul: Matthew
     Website: n/a
     Date: 22 Jun 10 09:13pm
Ghoul: Eva
     Website: www
     Date: 10 Jun 10 02:58pm
your website is so cool i only been on it 1 time now its my 2nd time now. the 2009 halloween i was a vampire
Ghoul: Bailey
     Website: n/a
     Date: 06 Jun 10 08:25pm
Bailey from louisiana! Ahh, this site is great!
I love Halloween & last year I was a clown.
Only 117 days until October 1st, YAY.
Ghoul: Kayla Hill
     Website: www
     Date: 31 May 10 08:42pm
This website is great! I LOVE it!
Ghoul: Princess Vamp
     Website: n/a
     Date: 17 May 10 10:27pm
i am vampire but werewolfs are cool too
Ghoul: Princess Of Pop
     Website: n/a
     Date: 10 May 10 03:52pm