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Ghoul: Fishy/sheri
     Website: n/a
     Date: 02 Nov 07 10:51am
i was hector-howard the ho-bo coward for halloween, come tell me if you have read this!
Ghoul: Andi
     Website: n/a
     Date: 02 Nov 07 10:45am
i was a Skeleton for Halloween!
Ghoul: Shonda
     Website: n/a
     Date: 31 Oct 07 11:38am
i'm micheal myers
Ghoul: Boo
     Website: n/a
     Date: 31 Oct 07 08:15am
i survived the haunted house

im goin as a vampire :[
Ghoul: Roboz
     Website: www
     Date: 31 Oct 07 04:32am
Ghoul: Allan
     Website: www
     Date: 31 Oct 07 03:36am
Hey ghouls! Thank you so much for all your kind words and the time it took to write them. We appreciate every one of you! Without you this site is nothing. I wish all of you who took the time to visit Halloween is Here this season a very fun, safe and fantastic halloween! Make it the best ever. Thank you so much! YOU ROCK! Allan HIH!
Ghoul: Ethan
     Website: n/a
     Date: 31 Oct 07 12:29am
I Love you so much rihanna...
Ghoul: Simone
     Website: n/a
     Date: 30 Oct 07 05:30pm
i see dead people...
Ghoul: Becky
     Website: n/a
     Date: 30 Oct 07 04:38pm
I am going to be the bride of the werewolf
Ghoul: Amber
     Website: www
     Date: 29 Oct 07 12:22pm
i'm dressing up as an evil vampire kitty!!
Ghoul: Kaitlin
     Website: n/a
     Date: 27 Oct 07 10:44pm
i made it throh the honted house its soooooo fun but im onley a kid whos 9
Ghoul: Julie Gann
     Website: n/a
     Date: 27 Oct 07 11:38am
Halloween has always been my favorite time of the year. You all make it extra special, thanks for such a great web site; keep on scarring!!!!!
Ghoul: About Nicole Kidman
     Website: www
     Date: 26 Oct 07 12:24pm
Your site is interesting, I will visit every day. Thanks
Ghoul: Boo Kitty
     Website: www
     Date: 26 Oct 07 11:04am
Hi Allan - Stopping by for my annual Halloween visit :)

Wishing you and yours a fantastic time on the 31st!
Ghoul: Jessica Kennedy
     Website: n/a
     Date: 26 Oct 07 09:17am

survived the haunted house
Ghoul: Alanagh Smyth
     Website: n/a
     Date: 26 Oct 07 08:10am
Yeoo Is Websyts A Geg.!
Ghoul: Jasmyn
     Website: n/a
     Date: 25 Oct 07 03:27pm
Love the ghoulish recipes you have. The haunted house was fun too. Still have to take a "stroll" around the rest of your site, but I'm sure I'll enjoy it...

Ghoul: Jason
     Website: n/a
     Date: 25 Oct 07 12:46pm
Ghoul: Brandie
     Website: n/a
     Date: 24 Oct 07 11:31pm
halloween is soo awesome. the reason i like halloween is scaring people. god thats going to be soo sweet!
Ghoul: Vicki
     Website: n/a
     Date: 24 Oct 07 11:05am
Every Halloween, I'm ALWAYS a BROADWAY SHOW character-since I was a teen.

This year, I'm gonna be Elizabeth Lavenza from Mel Brook's NEW Broadway musical YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN.

Ghoul: Crystal Burton
     Website: n/a
     Date: 23 Oct 07 08:50am
This is such a great site! Love the "Ghoul School"!
Ghoul: Summer
     Website: n/a
     Date: 22 Oct 07 03:49pm
Happy Halloween=]Boo
Ghoul: Janelle
     Website: n/a
     Date: 21 Oct 07 11:44am
Hey wats up u know I'm the best Goblin Ghoul here!!! U kno it! I am the best!
Ghoul: Xxhannahxx
     Website: n/a
     Date: 21 Oct 07 09:48am
HEYHOE AL U CRAZZZY NUTRZ...ME LUVZZ DA WEB....bt me tinkz it sud ave mor stoies...luv yazzz al....{x}-{x}-{x}...xxxxx
Ghoul: Hi
     Website: n/a
     Date: 20 Oct 07 12:18pm
omg like dis site is the best site eva im mite be a vampiress or a witch
Ghoul: Sage
     Website: n/a
     Date: 19 Oct 07 05:43pm
I'm being a pumpkin witch! Happy Halloween!
Ghoul: Mariah
     Website: n/a
     Date: 19 Oct 07 04:30pm
im going to be a docter for halloween!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BOO!
Ghoul: Me
     Website: n/a
     Date: 19 Oct 07 11:16am
Ghoul: Mariah
     Website: n/a
     Date: 19 Oct 07 09:53am
i have fun here!!
Ghoul: Nicole
     Website: n/a
     Date: 18 Oct 07 07:05pm
this is the coolest halloween site ever
Ghoul: Kaylee
     Website: n/a
     Date: 18 Oct 07 11:18am
this is a great site!! i love it!!
Ghoul: Jerri Dutton
     Website: www
     Date: 17 Oct 07 11:01pm
I really enjoyed the ghoul school. Something different than I have come across in a while. Very unique. I am hoping that Halloween 2007 is scarier and hair tingling. I got my porch looking like an old haunted house with a dead man with a skull head.
Ghoul: Laura The Queen Bee
     Website: n/a
     Date: 17 Oct 07 09:27pm
Hey all ghoals and ghosties, ill be dressing up as a Queen Bee this year. yay! Cheers and have fun all!
Ghoul: Jennifer
     Website: n/a
     Date: 17 Oct 07 02:27pm
this is a rockin website! its so awesome.you should check it out!call at 8306458274
Ghoul: Adrianna
     Website: n/a
     Date: 17 Oct 07 01:36pm
Hey Ghoul people!!! Nah I am just kidding. But I think this website is awesome. Some of my friends think it is scary. And guess what else... I am going to be a Spider Witch for halloween!!
Ghoul: Shmexxy Summer Harbeson
     Website: n/a
     Date: 17 Oct 07 11:55am
this place is freakin awsome!!!!
Ghoul: Ashlyn
     Website: n/a
     Date: 16 Oct 07 02:48pm
Hey!!! Me and my sister think that this website is awesome!!!! I am going to be a Pirate for Halloween!!!
Ghoul: Sandy
     Website: n/a
     Date: 15 Oct 07 12:10pm

Ghoul: Stephanie
     Website: n/a
     Date: 15 Oct 07 08:51am

Ghoul: Cydney
     Website: n/a
     Date: 14 Oct 07 12:19pm
happpy holliween everybody hope u have a relly good halliween on 31/10/07

dont have nightmares
Ghoul: Rebecca
     Website: n/a
     Date: 13 Oct 07 07:45pm
Great site! I'm going to be an Academy Award Winning Acress!! Happy Halloween!
Ghoul: Lil_emo_brittany!!
     Website: n/a
     Date: 13 Oct 07 10:07am
love the web site!!!!
Ghoul: Gothica Bellatrix Black
     Website: www
     Date: 12 Oct 07 07:43pm
Great ghoulishious site!48541
Ghoul: Mercedes Omps
     Website: n/a
     Date: 12 Oct 07 02:46pm
=D =D
Ghoul: Destinee
     Website: n/a
     Date: 12 Oct 07 10:26am
Yeah....woot woot...exciting exciting.....
Ghoul: Frightenedonlooker
     Website: n/a
     Date: 11 Oct 07 01:04pm
that was a really neat haunted house :) i'm going to be a vampiress
Ghoul: Househaunter
     Website: www
     Date: 11 Oct 07 10:55am
hey guys saw this cool site with the freakiest haunted houses in the states check it out

Ghoul: Angelia
     Website: www
     Date: 10 Oct 07 03:31pm
the ghoul school is the best school in the whole planet i did love school until i died on a rollercoaster i slung off and hit my head that was my last day in this good oh world well i better get back in the ground before in seen bye!;(
Ghoul: Emily
     Website: www
     Date: 10 Oct 07 03:24pm
i love ghoul school!!!!
Ghoul: Matthardyghost
     Website: n/a
     Date: 10 Oct 07 02:48pm
im being a cute witch
Ghoul: Courtney Haynes
     Website: n/a
     Date: 10 Oct 07 09:45am
GHOULS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!1
Ghoul: Balto
     Website: n/a
     Date: 10 Oct 07 08:01am
Ghoul: Kayla Hayes
     Website: n/a
     Date: 09 Oct 07 12:17pm
Ghouls Rock
Ghoul: Halloween Freak
     Website: n/a
     Date: 09 Oct 07 12:05pm
luv ur site big halloween fan
Ghoul: Faith Lee!
     Website: n/a
     Date: 09 Oct 07 07:03am
Ghoul: Kyra
     Website: n/a
     Date: 08 Oct 07 06:08am
Hey ya!! Keep on spookin' people and did you know the scary stories are creepin me out *shiver*
Ghoul: Zach\"the Devil\'bethune
     Website: www
     Date: 07 Oct 07 01:23pm
kool site
Ghoul: Batty Goth
     Website: n/a
     Date: 07 Oct 07 12:38am
fantastic site - spent a happy hour will be back!!!
Ghoul: Tobiadcatiste
     Website: n/a
     Date: 07 Oct 07 12:27am

good site :) Whish you good luck!
Ghoul: Dead!
     Website: www
     Date: 06 Oct 07 03:42pm
come closer... closer... BOO.
Ghoul: Meghan Woodfin
     Website: www
     Date: 06 Oct 07 02:30pm
I will eat you if you come any closer!
Ghoul: Sineadkorvela
     Website: n/a
     Date: 06 Oct 07 01:40pm
i love halloween.i can never wait till until start decorating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ghoul: La Bella
     Website: n/a
     Date: 05 Oct 07 12:32pm
hey boos hit me up i like dis gane not!j/p well doses kisses fuckses muahhhhh!
Ghoul: Sara
     Website: n/a
     Date: 05 Oct 07 11:59am
I'm gonna be a spirit Home-Coming Queen and my friend is gonna be a Home-Coming Queen just by coinscidence!
Ghoul: Haley
     Website: n/a
     Date: 05 Oct 07 10:35am
I will be a vampire princess for Halloween.
Ghoul: Tasha
     Website: n/a
     Date: 05 Oct 07 08:13am
booooooooooo!oops your dead
Ghoul: Brenda
     Website: www
     Date: 31 Dec 69 05:00pm