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Ghoul: Laura..b!!
     Website: n/a
     Date: 07 Nov 07 04:03am
hey i fink ur med this reli gudbut you need more scary real pictures
Ghoul: Karlie Sudweeks
     Website: n/a
     Date: 03 Nov 07 02:34pm
i love you guioss but need more scary stuff and need activities and you need a reward at the end
Ghoul: Kit-kat
     Website: www
     Date: 03 Nov 07 12:40pm
the haunted house was brillient!!! so is the rest of website (the haunted house was my favorite!!)
Ghoul: Kelsea
     Website: n/a
     Date: 02 Nov 07 12:54pm
i was a frensh maide.! =]]
Ghoul: Fishy/sheri
     Website: n/a
     Date: 02 Nov 07 10:51am
i was hector-howard the ho-bo coward for halloween, come tell me if you have read this!
Ghoul: Andi
     Website: n/a
     Date: 02 Nov 07 10:45am
i was a Skeleton for Halloween!
Ghoul: Shonda
     Website: n/a
     Date: 31 Oct 07 11:38am
i'm micheal myers
Ghoul: Boo
     Website: n/a
     Date: 31 Oct 07 08:15am
i survived the haunted house

im goin as a vampire :[
Ghoul: Roboz
     Website: www
     Date: 31 Oct 07 04:32am
Ghoul: Allan
     Website: www
     Date: 31 Oct 07 03:36am
Hey ghouls! Thank you so much for all your kind words and the time it took to write them. We appreciate every one of you! Without you this site is nothing. I wish all of you wh