Ghoul School

ghoulWelcome to the Ghoul School. The ghoulest school for schooling ghouls. Are you ready for your Ghoul Troop Placement? Say this five times fast: “Ghoul Schools, School Ghouls”. Did it? hehehe… It’s not part of the placement but I like to amuse myself watching you try, hehehe… Now answer the question below for your Ghoul Troop Placement! You can enter the Ghoul School without answering the question but you will not receive your ghoul troop password to enter areas only for placed ghoul troopers.


If you have only 2 pieces of Halloween candy and two friends were coming over to visit you, what would you do?

  • Eat none and give 1 piece to each of my friends.
  • Eat one and let them share the last piece.
  • Eat all and don’t tell them I had 2 pieces of candy.