Haunted Art

Welcome to the Haunted Art of Lewis Barrett Lehrman…
You have entered the cobweb cluttered crypt where I keep my spooky twilight world of horribly haunted houses, creepy critters, ghoulish ghosts, and trembling trick-or-treaters. Click on any image and you’ll immediately be spirited to its page, where you may view a larger image, and explore the mysteries of the strange and haunting scene. You’ll also find out how easy it is to add a hand-signed print to your own collection. Enjoy your stay and if you have any questions about these prints, please contact us.

“Encounter on Cemetery Hill”

Cemetery Road, as it’s known, has been a popular shortcut for well over a century, even though the road was never entirely paved. During the day, and when the weather is dry, it’s a popular timesaver for drivers bent on avoiding traffic. As twilight falls, it becomes a favorite for romantic young lovers who park, and, along with other pastimes, view the twinkling lights of the town below.

The old cemetery holds graves that go back to Civil War times and earlier. Having been pretty well fully populated for many years, the “Old Burying Ground” now lies abandoned, its monuments yielding to decades of neglect, winter frosts and spring rains, gradually eroding, tilting and toppling long-forgotten headstones. Only a few of the Victorian era mansions and structures remain today, and they’re as abandoned and decrepit as the sprawling cemetery they border.

Over the years, there have been innumerable accounts of strange happenings, odd floating lights, shadowy hitchhikers, and so forth, many, no doubt concocted around campfires to evoke screams send shivers down the backs of wide-eyed campers and cub scouts. (Surely you’ve heard the legend of The Cemetery Hill Slasher? I thought as much!) So it’s no wonder that many drivers would rather opt for the long way around rather than risk their own scary nighttime encounter on Cemetery Hill.

This evening, heading for home and a little late for supper, Dad has decided to take Cemetery Hill road. Why now, when it’s well after sunset? Maybe it was paternal machismo… possibly emboldened by the bright moonlight and clear sky overhead. In retrospect, this may not have been a good idea. Though who could have anticipated that flat tire?

No doubt they’ll soon have their own nighttime “Encounter on Cemetery Hill” story to tell.

If and when!

“Strange Light”

Some months ago, while contemplating my next new painting for The Haunted Studio, I received an E-mail from a devoted fan. It read as follows:

“I snapped this picture about eight years ago… I was quite taken by the house, which, when it was built, was probably quite elegant, but … had been left to disintegrate. I talked to the local realtor about it. She said many people had offered to buy the house over the years and rescue it from its continuing destruction, but the old lady has refused to sell it. She had suffered a great disappointment in love and could not bring herself to live in the house, nor let anyone else live in it either. Eight years ago, when I was making this inquiry, she was still alive and living in a nursing home, unwilling to sell the house, declaring that it would die along with her. The realtor said it was a pity because everything in it was original, and at that time it was over 100 years old.”

The photo and its accompanying story caught my fancy, and I began to imagine the house as it might appear today, long abandoned, and slowly declining, forlorn and neglected among neighboring houses with far more everyday stories to tell. As I considered the old lady and her tragic story, I began to imagine the sort of supernatural happenings that might well manifest themselves, from time to time, within the house. You know — the sorts of things that might take place any night, but especially around Halloween… Matter of fact, precisely the sort of happenings our young trick-or-treaters have suddenly (and startlingly) observed.

What’s even spookier though is that neither they — nor you, for that matter — have yet realized that there is a second shadowy figure watching them as well. The moment they do, I’ll bet they’ll be high-tailing it directly home!

I’m pleased to add “Strange Light” to the Haunted Studio collection. Personally, I consider it one of my most effective and successful paintings to date. I hope it provides you with a shiver or two too, and continuing pleasure in contemplating all year ’round the chilling pleasures of Halloween.

“Ghostwood Plantation”

Ghostwood Plantation has been on my mind for a long time now. The classic plantation houses of the Old South have always attracted me, as tangible ghosts of a long dead era. Many of them still stand, of course, and some are still occupied by the living. Others are haunted by their histories, their tragic destinies, and their lonely and neglected existence… not to mention the spirits of that bygone era.

The story that follows was submitted by Alabama resident Ella R.

“Few living souls dare tempt the spirits of Ghostwood Plantation, where ancient oaks stand guard over its once-proud manor house. On nights when the shrouded moon floats low and full, a vagrant breeze carries perfume of earth and damp leaves, with just a hint of magnolia, whispering forgotten secrets through swaying curtains of Spanish moss.”

“In high-ceilinged chambers and moldering shacks that once knew pride, misery, passion, pain, the moon spills silent silver through gaping windows, upon memory-strewn floors, and only the ghostly daughters of Ghostwood Plantation remain to recount their silent stories in the indigo shadows.”

To capture the spectral presence of Ghostwood Plantation, I have utilized the impressionistic technique you will often find in my paintings, most recently my very popular subject, Phantoms.