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Wheelchair & Respirator

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Firetruck: Items you will need: Large Box, Red Paint, Blue Paint, Black Marker, Sharp Knife, Packing Tape, Electrical Tape, Glue, Plastic Lids. Cut the box to fit snuggly over chair and tray if available. Paint the box red. Create windows on the front and sides of the box and paint blue or leave as is. Decorate with toy axe OR paint axe on the sides. Cut out cardboard wheels and glue them to the bottom of sides. Outline the doors and windows with electrical tape or black marker. Glue plastic lids on the front as headlights. Leave the back end open to access wheelchair handlebars. Add bike lights, reflectors, a siren and a plush stuffed dalmation for added effect.
Need a fireman costume idea? Click here: Fireman/woman costume idea.

Ventriloquist: A tuxedo and a doll -- a real one if you go as a couple -- make for a great ventriloquist and perfect for a wheelchair since the ventriloquist sits anyway to make the doll talk.

R2D2 from Star Wars: Decorate a box. Put the box or part cloth/part cardboard over your head, cut armholes, big enough to fit over a good part of chair. The wheels and being lower to the ground are part of the costume.

Head on a Platter: Use a cardboard box with cutout for neck with only head sticking thru. A fake knife, scissors and surgery implements all glued on top of blue surgery paper draped down over the box. Paint face and put on a wig to top it off.

Prince, princess, king or queen: Convert your chair into a throne by wrapping the back, seat and arm rests with gold foil, gold or royally striped cloth, all held together at the seams with hot glue. If you want, wrap the hand rails and/or spokes with gold tape. Glue on some plastic gems found at a crafts store. Then you can take a royal outfit and transform yourself into a ruling monarch. If a friend wants to participate, have them dress up too and fan you with a big plastic palm and feed you grapes all night long!

Cowboy/Cowgirl: Cardboard (twin size mattress box) -rope -long hair costume wig -nontoxic poster paint. No cowboy or cowgirl should be without their trusty horse. This costume is easier than it sounds and the finished horse slides right over the chair attaching to the armrests with ties. Beginning with a paper pattern draw the side of a horse to fit the dimensions of your chair (this way you won't waste cardboard). Be sure it won't drag on the ground. Make the head separate and attach it to the neck with lots of glue gunning and duct tape. Cut the neck long enough to be bent in to meet the head. A piece of cardboard also connected the back end of the horse. The fun part is decorating. Choose the colors of the paint and mane. Get a really cheap long wig and cut it to make the tail and mane which you glue gunned in place. Yeehawww!

Aladdin: Cardboard -small inexpensive carpet -fringe (optional) -blue streamers -white sweat pants -cotton batting or polyester Fiberfil. Lots of kids were Aladdin or Jasmine this year, but did they have a flying carpet. This costume shows one more use for lap trays as the flying carpet with stuffed legs rested on top of the tray. To give the rug support glue gun it to two pieces of sturdy cardboard. Cut the cardboard pieces to the size of the carpet with an opening cut out around the waist. A slit is cut through all layers of carpet and cardboard to make flaps that could be bent up to allow the carpet to slide easily off. If you want you can also just leave the back open. To make the legs, stuff sweat pants with fiberfill. Sew or glue gun the patch and sash to pants. Position the stuffed legs folded on the carpet and glue gun in place. You can add other Aladdin objects as you want. Make "genie type" shoes from gold material but they can also be found at costume stores. To give the effect of the sky and to hide the child's real legs, glue strips of blue streamers around the carpet.

Superman/woman: Superman costume -large cardboard box -nontoxic poster paint -cotton batting or polyester fiberfill. Almost every child wants to be a super hero for Halloween. With the wheelchair you are able to make yours look like they are flying. Start with a Superman costume and cut in half at the waist. Stuff the legs with the batting, you'll need a large bag. To pose the legs, put a flexible heavy-duty wire down both legs so they could be bent. Finding a box the right size can be tricky. You can make one by cutting four sides out of an appliance or small mattress box, glue gunning the sides together and taping over corners. It will have to clear the wheels, fit through a door and be able to be taken off easily. Paint any skyscape scene, add clouds of batting and attach the legs through a hole cut in the back of the box The entire box can be attached to the chair by cutting slits for ties to loop through and tie or loop over armrests and frame. Note of safety: if your child can tear off the batting and put in his/her mouth, it would be a better idea to just paint on the clouds.

George Of The Jungle: Chicken wire -approx. 8' light weight rope -brown non toxic poster paint -plastic vine to cover rope -assortment of live fern and leaves -assortment of rubber snakes and lizards -glue mixture of equal parts water and white glue -Tarzan costume -2 panels of green felt. This is an elaborate creation. To get the full effect of the jungle make a tree complete with a swinging vine attached with a bunjy cord to the back of the chair. To make the tree start with a chicken wire form. This is easy to roll and shape for the trunk. Do the same for the branch. Use smaller pieces of chicken wire and connect the branch to the trunk through a hole in the trunk and fasten it with wire. Feed a long piece of rope up through the tree and out a hole in the branch. The rope is secured at the base of the tree. The wire frame is then covered with strips of newspaper dipped in a watered down glue mixture. You may need two layers. When dry the tree can be painted with poster paint. The "vine rope" can also be stained with poster paint. The really fun part of this costume is decorating the tree and chair. Glue gun leaves from bushes in your yard to the tree as well as some plastic vines. Choose several lizards and snakes and attach as well. For the chair, velcro 2 panels of green felt to the sides of the chair. Glue gun ferns and large leaves from yard. These don't stay fresh for more than a day but its much less expensive than the plastic ones. There are lots of available Tarzan type costumes and fake furs available at fabric stores. Topping this costume off is a hidden tape player connected to a switch that can be used to turn on the sound track of the movie.

Bulldozer: Cardboard boxes -nontoxic paint -paper towels -tape -twist-ties or string -paper fasteners.

There are 4 parts:

  • Wheel covers: Cut cardboard circles to cover wheels on the wheelchair. Cut notches around the edges to simulate tread. Paint the wheels yellow with black for the rubber. Tie the wheel covers to 3 spokes on each wheel.

  • Scoop/Bucket: Cut 2 semi-circles of cardboard for the ends of the scoop/bucket. Bend a cardboard rectangle and tape to the ends. Notch the front of the scoop/bucket and paint it black to look like the scraper edge. Cut out arms and attach to scoop/bucket using paper fasteners. Attach arms to armrest hardware using string or twist-ties.

  • Dash: Use a cardboard box that fits on the tray. Cut it at an angle to leave room underneath for accessories. Paint it black. Paint on a couple of gauges. For gauge needles, you can use a Popsicle stick and paint it red. Attach it to the dash with a paper fastener so that it turns. Cut a hole in the dash for a joystick to fit through from underneath. Cut 2 holes in corners of dash for the roof posts.

  • Roof: Use a box just wide enough to be supported behind the chair on the seatback brackets, and notched to fit over the headrest hardware. Holes are cut in the roof in a grid pattern and the cut edges are taped. Paint it yellow. To make support poles, use paper towel rolls wrapped with masking tape and painted. Insert rolled newspapers for extra strength. Attach the poles to the roof using paper fasteners, and insert the bottoms of the poles into the holes cut in the dash.

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    Diver: Borrow a diving mask and fins blending the tube into your disguise. Dress in a wet suit if you can, or dye long underwear gray to make a suit. Cover the wheelchair with blue material and glue on construction-paper or foil-covered fishes. Put them on yourself as well as the chair.

    Snake Charmer: Decorate the respirator tube to look like a snake and dress yourself with an exotic costume complete with turban. Cover the chair with royal blue or other rich-colored fabric, add some decorations, and away you go. Don't forget your snake charming horn!

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    Basic Materials: Exacto knife -Glue gun and lots of glue sticks -Tape (duct tape works the best) -Velcro -Thick elastic strips of an old sheet as ties to connect objects to the chair -Cardboard , ask your local moving company (used mattress or appliance boxes work well) -cotton batting or polyester Fiberfil -Toxic free poster paints.

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    Safety First: Be sure that whatever you attach to the wheelchair can be easily and swiftly removed. Also use nontoxic paints and don't attach sharp objects or things that a child may take off and put in their mouths. Be sure that what you make can fit through a standard door. The caution in any wheelchair outfit, of course, is keeping it out of the wheels. Therefore, long flowing gowns won't work. But any outfit can be tucked in around the legs.

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